Consumer Education

With most of the population almost three generations removed from the farm, questions regarding today’s practices are bound to arise.  Farms today may not be your grandfather’s farm, but the goal remains the same: To produce food in a sustainable way while increasing efficiency and always respecting the animals entrusted to their care.

consumer education

For the consumer:

  • To learn about agriculture, the best avenue is talking directly with a farmer.  They are they people who are involved in the industry every day, and are a much more reliable source of information than a possibly biased Internet article.


For the farmer:

  • To learn how to interact more effectively with your consumers, we suggest participating in a couple of these programs:
    • Masters of Beef Advocacy – This program teaches you how to talk to consumers about the benefits of beef in a healthy diet, along with how beef cattle benefit our environment.
    • Quality Assurance Programs – Contact your local Extension office or State Organization to learn more about Pork, Beef, or Poultry Quality Assurance
  • Don’t be a stranger to consumers, get out and tell your story, and be willing to teach people about practices they may not know about.