Agriculture and You

How are you connected to agriculture?

Everyday Life

  • Beef by-products are found in tires, brake fluid, and biodiesel!
  • Many medicines and even vitamin capsules utilize animal by-products.
  • Lots of tasty snacks like ice cream and marshmallows have by-products too!


  •  The shampoo and conditioner you wash your hair with uses some vitamins found from animal byproducts that help keep your hair healthy.
  • Toothpaste uses glycerin, a protein which is found in plant and animal by-products.


  • 144 baseballs, 18 volleyballs, 20 Footballs, 12 basketballs and 18 soccer balls
  • Each type individually can be made with one cowhide.  That’s a lot of sporting equipment!


  • The agricultural industry makes use of many human “wastes” everyday.  Potatoes, veggies, and many other foods make great substitutes for some livestock feeds, and helps to reduce the amount of product thrown away by stores and restaurants.

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