For me, agriculture isn’t just about farming, it’s about the people, the love, the animals, and most of all, the traditions.  I follow my father and grandfather before me, who passed on their love for cattle and the agricultural way of life.  I grew up on a small beef farm, where we started out with just a couple Black Angus cows.  Now, we also raise crossbred club calves and registered Maine Anjou.  (If you would like to see some of the calves, feel free to visit our website, http://www.drake362.wix.com/drakeshowcattle)

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Livestock Science and am employed in the agricultural industry.  Through my education and life experiences, I have only strengthened my love for agriculture, and hope that through this blog I can help to educate the public on the joys and everyday events of farming.  Many times in today’s society, farmer’s voices are drowned out, but it’s time they are heard.



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  1. I saw your recent blog post about being “far from educated” and I absolutely loved it! I’m working towards my Masters degree at the University of Missouri in agricultural communications and hopes someday to work in the industry to help promote agriculture. I live on a beef cattle farm just south of Columbia, MO and have recently started my own blog similar to yours! I write when I feel a little inspired 🙂 I love seeing other people doing what I’m also trying to do, which is #AgVocate!


      • I will definitely do that! You do the same! My biggest goal is just to get more people than my friends and family to read it 🙂 best of luck to you!


      • Hi Haley,

        I really enjoyed reading your latest blog post. My name’s Jemma and I’m a New Zealander living in New York City. I’m a reporter and work for a company called Digiday here, but I also freelance back to NZ. I’m wanting to write an article for the Wireless, an online news website based in NZ, about young women who voted for Trump. I think it’s really important to show your perspective and explain why you voted for Trump, because at the moment it’s all backlash in the media. I’m hoping to speak to about five different women and would love to include your comments. Would you have ten minutes to chat over the weekend? I could give you a call.

        Thanks for your time,


      • Hi Jemma,

        Thank you for reading this article, I am glad you enjoyed it! I would love to help you in your endeavor, and learn more about the Wireless. To contact me, feel free to message me on Life on this side of the fence’s Face Book page, and I will give you further contact information there!

        Thank you again


  2. As a city conservative and constitution appreciator from North Carolina, I so appreciated this post. Thank you for all that “grass roots America” does for the rest of the country. I am so glad for the wisdom of the Electoral college and that your (and our) voice was heard!


  3. Hi Haley. I grew up on a beef cattle farm in Iowa, and one of my hometown Facebook friends shared your blog post about “far from uneducated.” There’s a lot to be respected about the kind of education you get through 2am heifer checks and back-breaking work. Uneducated does not mean unintelligent. But it does mean that many have not had the experience of a classroom full of individuals from the far reaches of our country and our world, with a professor challenging one’s views. That—which is what the media means when they say ‘uneducated’, or in other words, ‘not formally educated’—is what most rural Americans are missing. They do not lack for intelligence. But they do often lack enlightenment, a broad point of view, and empathy for those they do not personally interact with. I say this with utmost respect, because I come from your side of the fence. But I am formally educated, and I know with certainty what living in a rural area shorted me: a diverse racial, ethnic, and religious education.

    Your blog did inspire me to write one of my own. Feel free to read if you like. 🙂



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