Sound of a million dreams

Maybe you have heard the song “The Sound of a Million Dreams” by country singer David Nail (if you haven’t, I highly suggest you go listen to it).  What’s great about this song is that it doesn’t matter if you love music or not, this song just speaks to you and takes you to a place where you can really ‘hear’ your dreams happening.  As we tiptoe out of winter and slowly make our way into springtime, there are many sounds slowly making their way back into our lives.  Singing birds in the morning, the light pitter-patter of raindrops on the barn roof, boots sloshing around in the mud, and that newborn calf mooing and playing in the field.

Ahh Springtime…

Yes it’s just the beginning of March, and here in Ohio, that could mean another month of snow, but it never hurts to dream right?  In the world of agriculture, prep for the spring season comes long before those April showers and May flowers.  So when we see glimpses of spring, we get pretty excited!  Spring is the season for planting, new life, and hope for the seasons to come.

The Dreams

Undoubtedly, when we in agriculture start thinking about springtime, our minds ponder over all the amazing possibilities and opportunities that could come our way.  What will the weather bring this year, will our crops grow?  How about that new calf, I think she could be a winner!  Of course, we also get to dreaming about those summer nights with lightning bugs and bonfires, but the point is that those spring sounds just get the dreams rolling!

The Sound

I’m sure you all have some memories associated with a certain sound, whether it be a song or something else.  In farming, there are many sounds we hear every day (some associated with smells), but some of those sounds just make us smile and remember why we do what we do.  That newborn lamb or calf or foal making it’s first sound is one of the most precious things a farmer will ever hear, it means that they have been blessed with the opportunity to take care of a new life.  The sound of the wind blowing through a corn field, rustling the growing leaves, or the sound of a tractor turning up soil.  Whatever sound it may be, there’s just something special about those spring sounds, they really are the sounds of a million dreams.




And if you haven’t heard “The Sound of a Million Dreams” yet, here’s a link!